Hose Cleaning Kit

The Hose Cleaning Kit is specifically designed for efficient cleaning of a variety of different hose sizes in milking and processing equipment. Your kit comes with the brush size of your choosing. Individual brushes may also be purchased separately.

Please note: All our Bucket Milkers come with a 5/8" milk hose line and a 1/2" vacuum hose line.


Kit includes: 

  • Plastic-coated steel cable with connectors: 8' 4" long
  • Wall pull, screws, and metal burr diameter 7/16"
  • Brush Size Options: 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4"(brushes may also be purchased separately)


How to use:

Step One: Insert cable with pull fitting end through hose and attach to wall hook. The wall hook should be securely fastened at shoulder level.

Step Two: Attach metal burr to opposite end and proceed to clean by pulling tubing through the hose and burr. For best results, this procedure should be repeated with brush to remove any remaining deposits.