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In-Line Filter for Bucket Milkers

This handy piece of equipment filters your milk on its way to the bucket of your milking machine! A great time-saver. 

This 6-inch filter fits right on to your milk hose, providing a great way to filter milk. Fits 5/8" milk hose. Sock filters are required (6''x21/4'').

A fresh filter for each milking! Be sure to remove the paper sock filter before you begin the cleaning process. This is a great opportunity to check the paper filter for any clumps, blood clots, etc. You will get to know your cow's "normal" and detect signs of mastitis quickly. When replacing the plastic cap of the filter, twist the cap on "finger tight" only! It fits snuggly without much pressure at all. 

Replacement parts also available (see drop-down menu):

  • Plastic Cap
  • Black rubber filter retainer (Rubber Grommet)

How to insert on milk hose:

Cut milk hose roughly 10''-12'' away from bucket lid (or enough so the filter is not compromising the flow of the hose). Insert filter where cut was made. The larger end should be facing the lid/bucket and the smaller end towards the claw.


in-line milk filter

Made in the United States.

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