Kleen-Flo Electric Pulsator- Parts Available

  • Kleen-Flo Pulsation Controller is capable of any combination of ratios and pulsation rates while keeping the pulsation consistent and accurate. Making it the perfect choice for your Sheep or Goat Dairy! Incorporate this pulsation system into a parlor with pipeline or use a solid vacuum line with your bucket milking system. No more pneumatic pulsators on top of the lid and solid vacuum lines make for an organized parlor. 

    Run any one of the 10 ratios from 50:50 to 70:30 or one of the 16 different speeds from 60 to 190 PPM (pulses per minute).

    This unit controls up to 12 of any 24V DC, direct acting pulsators such as Bou-Matic™, Westfalia™ & Surge™. Here at Bob White Systems we recommend the Bou-Matic Pulsator with or without the fresh air lid. 

    The controller runs on standard 110 Volt Current while supplying a steady 24 Volts DC to pulsators. So much about this item makes it a great fit for a goat/sheep dairy! Don't overlook this if you have cow dairy, you could experience the same advantages in your milking system!

  • • Digitally driven pulsation for 100% accuracy - ensuring a comfortable milking for your goats or sheep
    • Ratio selections between 50:50 - 70:30 
    • Speed from 60-190 PPM
    • Waterproof fiberglass box
    • Fuse Protected Digital Circuit Board - keeps the board from self destructing if a short occurs in your pulsation line
    • Minimum Voltage Variation Preserves Coils

  • Bou-Matic Pulsator Bout-Matic Pulsator Stallcock Pulsator Port Plug - Necessary when using the pulsator for only one goat/sheep claw at a time.