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LactiCheck MINI Milk Analyzer

Dimensions & Specs

Discover your milk composition in under a minute! Knowing your numbers will help you save feed costs and improve herd health.

Designed for raw milk composition testing, this compact, precise and exceptionally affordable mini milk analyzer offers three channels for testing cow, goat, sheep, or buffalo milk. Get results for 7 parameters in less than 65 seconds! Lifespan of over 10,000 tests!

Real-time results are valuable for maximizing herd management efficiencies (feeding programs, health and culling decisions). On-farm processing enterprises will also realize exceptional value in testing in-coming raw milk to confirm seasonal changes, fluctuations in composition due to the stage of lactation and options in formulation/process procedures to optimize outcomes based on real-time information!

Features include a unique flow-thru design, streamlined calibration of all parameters, built-in acoustic and visual prompts to remind it is 'Time to Clean' and User-selectable options.

Tests these 7 Parameters:

  • Fat: 0.5-10% (±0.1%)
  • Solids Not Fat: 3-15% (±0.15%)
  • Density: 1.0150-1.0400 g/cm³ (±0.0005)
  • Lactose: 1.0-7% (±0.2%)
  • Protein: 2-7% (±0.15%)
  • Added Water: 1-70% (±3%)
  • Freezing Point: -0.3°C to -0.7°C

Optional Parameter (see dropdown menu for pricing):

  • pH: 0.1-14 pH (±0.01%)

Other benefits include digitized record keeping (improving accessibility to data), more in-depth profiles on suppliers and/or individual animals in your herd and greater insight into means and methods for keeping quality and consistency in your end products.

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