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Livestock Insect Repellent - Ecto-Phyte Natural Aromatic Spray

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The Ecto-Phyte formulation is based on the aromatic compounds found in essential oils. These oils are rich in terpenes, aldehydes, cineoles, esters and alcohols and are very antagonistic to both the adult and larval stages of insects. 

Upon contact with the animals hide, the body temperature volatilizes these molecular compounds and creates a vapor around the animal. The vapor acts as an aromatic shield. Parasites such as lice which live their entire life cycle, egg through adult, on the animals' hide are immobilized by the aromatic compounds thereby interrupting the pests' cycle and eradicating the problem. 

The formulation is both oil and water soluble. The dilution rate and frequency of use are dependent upon the amount of infestation and the level of ambient temperature. Elevated summer temps with high fly populations require more concentrated dilutions and daily application.

Can be used in livestock rub oilers and back-pack sprayers. Suitable for application directly on livestock and stall/parlor areas. 

Makes 10 gallons of finished product. 



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