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Micro-dairy processing equipment

Dimensions & Specs
This is a Farmer Consignment Listing. Bob-White Systems is not responsible for any sales, returns, or shipping. Please contact the seller directly.

We have everything you need for bottling milk, half gallons, quarts, and pints, also packaging yogurt, kefir and making cheese.  Main items include, 230-gallon vat pasteurizer, with propane furnace,  35 and 45-gallon micro dairy design vats and recording chart, 300 gallon milk tank for raw milk storage, 7-day chart, 600 gallon chiller tank, brand new single value bottler, yogurt sealer, transfer pumps, stainless steel tables, walk-in cooler, fermentation room and many more items required to meet all Health Dept. requirements.

Items are located in Mechanicsville, Virginia

Contact seller directly for more details


This listing was posted 11/20/18 & will expire on 12/20/18


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