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Micro-Green Fresh Fodder System

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  • Description
  • Features
  • Technical Parameters
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  • Micro-green Fresh Fodder System by NEFFSCO with micro-computer control system is an easy, convenient, functional, practical, advanced technology, new generation intelligent machine. It was invented and manufactured with a design based on years of study and experience. This machine adopts Signal Chip Microcomputer Controlling Technology, so as to improve accuracy and better meet the growing environment required by seeds/grains. It is the realized dream of a fully automatic, reduced labor, improved performance, and enhanced quality fodder system.


    This system is sized for 3-4 cows. It is brand new and never been run before. It suffered some minor cosmetic damage from shipping but is otherwise in mint condition. Contact Steve Judge at: 802-763-2777.

  • Features:
    • Measure and control five temperature grades and two lines of spraying jobs at the same time
    • Several digital displays for convenient detection
    • Temperature examine function with large measuring range and stable performance
    • Water shortage protection. When levels are low, system will stop spraying and heating, and alerts user with an alarm.
    • When temperatures rise too high, system will alarm the user and cool down. If over 30°C, it will force a spray.
    • When system function is abnormal, it will automatically alarm the user.
    • Memory function. Should power source be lost, data will be retained.
  • Technical Parameters:
    • Voltage: AC220v
    • Power Supply: Transformer
    • Working Environment: -10°C ~ 50°C; relative humidity less than 90% (25°C)
    • Measurement Range: 0°C - 50°C
    • High accuracy sensor
    • Seed should be completely matured fresh seeds, bright in color, unbroken, insect-free, & mildew-free.
    • This unit ships freight. Please call 802-763-2777 for a quote.


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