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NEW Bottle Filler Capper in Washington State

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This Bottle Filler Capper is brand new, never used and is located in Wapeto, WA. Just like all of our Bottle Filler Cappers, it makes bottling milk easy! Its unique craftsmanship is simple to operate and easy to clean. It is designed for grade- A use and fills snap cap plastic bottles. 


  • Fills plastic bottles 
  • Removable template to accommodate different sized bottles 
  • Adjustable filler bowl to accommodate different height bottles
  • Stainless Steel construction with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Spinner capper with hopper for cap storage
  • Plexi glass back shield
  • High capacity Fogg fill valve
  • Adjustable feet for leveling
  • Counterbalanced manual foot pedal
  • Fills up to 200 gallons or 300 1/2 gallons per hour
  • Compatible with SC2 caps
Product Dimensions L W H
Bottle Filler Capper 2 ft 5 ft 7 ft

See the full spec sheet HERE.

Follow Step by Step instructions on how to prepare and operate the Bottle Filler-Capper HERE!



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