NuPulse Claw - FulFlo Standard with Shut Off

    We recommend NuPulse claws to both new and experienced milkers alike. Here's why: 
    • The vacuum-operated pulsator is incorporated into the claw body, so there's no need for the usual electrical components and wiring.
    • Pulsation rhythm is completely controlled by the cow. The NuPulse claw adjusts to her flow rate, putting less stress on her teats and reducing fall-off. Users report healthier udders, reduced mastitis levels and lowered cell counts.
    • Easy to disassemble and clean.

    The NuPulse "FulFlo" line is designed to handle extremely high flow rates while maintaining stable vacuum at teat end.  With 3/8" I.D. inlets and a 3/4" outlet, the FulFlo claw bowl has flow capacity exceeding the capabilities of the highest producing and fastest milking cows. The unique conical shape of the bowl funnels milk directly to the outlet. The steeper exit angle of the outlet causes milk to rapidly collect and move out of the claw into the line.  The rapid milk evacuation helps maintain a more stable teat end vacuum which is critical to fast milking.

    The design of the bowl coupled with the unique pulsation function (which speeds up as milk flow increases) produces an extremely fast yet gentle milking action.  The results are often faster milking, better udder and teat health, and higher milk production.

    Note: Only the FulFlo model is available with a shut-off valve.

    Individual parts also sold separately (see drop-down menu).

    PLEASE NOTE: This claw does not come with inflations, shells or air tubes.

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    NuPulse Claw Instruction