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NuPulse Jetter Washer Replacement Parts

  • Replacement parts for the NuPulse Jetter Washer that you love! This is the place to look for replacement parts for the clean-in-place system on a pipeline (Jet Wash or Top Wash) or with a bucket washer. Sometimes trying a new part can be a great way of troubleshooting a problem with a system. The NuPulse Jet Wash System is used for the NuPulse Claws and is different than most conventional CIP units. It washes the claws upright (in the milking position) instead of upside down, which prevents the wash water from getting into the top part of the claw where the Bobbin, Diaphragm, and Spring are located.  

    • Jetter Mounting Kit: Includes Jetter Clamp for a 2" Pipe - MZ10096NP
    • O-ring for Jetter Mounting Kit - M10090NP
    • 10/24 x 1.5" PPHMS Stainless Steel Screw (2 included) - 72446NP
    • Jetter Cover with 2" Saddle - MZ10095NP This part connects to the 2" Pipe with the mounting kit.
    • Large O Ring for Jetter Base - MZ10085NP
    • Jetter Base (less jets) - MZ10094NP
    • Jetter Jet CirClip - MZ10078NP
    • Jetter Jet Spacer Ring - MZ10077NP
    • O-ring for Jetter Jet - MZ10083NP
    • Jetter Jet - MZ10079NP
    • 14" Jetter Tube - MZ13170NP - only to be used with Jetter Tube Adapter
    • Jetter Tube Adapter - MZ10024NP
    • Tee for the Goat Wash Conversion - MZ10109NP
    • Jetter Cup for Top Wash System - MZ10117NP
    • Plastic Jetter Cone for Top Wash System - MZ10118NP
    • Jetter Jet Cover - M10089NP Designed to close the Jet Washer when not in use. Includes stainless steel chain to prevent loss of cover.
    • Jetter Tube w/ Adapter (for Cow Jetter) - 10003NP
    • Goat Jetter Tee Assembly - MZ10175NP
    • 3/16" x 5/16" Plastic tubing - P02513NP Sold per inch. Claw washer comes with two 16" lengths for Goat Jetter Support Hose
    • 1/4" ID Rubber Grommet For Goat Jetter - M10950NP Attaches the Support Hose to the claw.
    • Goat Claw Washer Support Assembly - Comes with 2 lengths of 16 inch 3/16" x 5/16" Plastic tubing and 2 of the 1/4" Rubber Grommets
    • 6ft 5/8 ID Replacement Hose - Bucket Washer
    • Modified Inflation Plug (Restrictor Plug)- Bucket Washer          This is the red Inflation Plug that has been modified to restrict the intake of cleaning solution.
    • Stainless Steel Weight (4.5oz) - Bucket Washer                       Fits around the 5/8" ID Hose


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