Nupulse Original Claw - Goat

We recommend NuPulse claws to both new and experienced milkers alike. Here's why: 
  • The vacuum-operated pulsator is incorporated into the claw body -- no need for the usual electrical components and wiring.
  • Pulsation rhythm is completely controlled by the goat -- NuPulse adjusts to her flow rate, putting less stress on her teats and reducing fall-off. Users report healthier udders, reduced mastitis levels and lowered cell counts.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.

Note: The Original model is not available with a shut-off valve.

Still deciding which goat claw is right for you? Check out our Claw Comparison Guide!

*This product may not be readily available at our VT location and may be direct shipped from our suppliers in PA upon processing. The supplying warehouse only ships via UPS no matter what option is chosen at check-out.

NuPulse Claw Instruction

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