Portable Vacuum Pump - Gas Engine

This heavy-duty portable vacuum pump is fully assembled and easy to use. Great for an off-grid farm or barn. This pump has the capability to milk up to two buckets at a time for cows, goats, or sheep.

Additional features:

  • 8 CFM @15'' Hg
  • Milks up to 4 goats or 2 cows at one time.
  • Steel vacuum tank makes operating quieter
  • 10'' Wheels for easy mobility and balance. Soft wheels are easy on the equipment.
  • Conde #3 vacuum pump and 3HP Honda Engine
  • Automatic drain
Operating instructions for Portable Vacuum Pump: 

This Deluxe pump unit ships fully assembled by truck freight. Since there is no assembly required, it should be ready to fuel and start up. The oil level gauge is the small piece of clear hose in a U-shape on the side of the pump. Oil level should be close to the top of oil tank. To add oil, simply pop out the black plastic plug on top of moisture trap and vacuum storage tank. Milk or water that gets drawn into the pump should drain out the duckbill drain in the bottom of the tank. If too much water or milk enters the tank, the pump will need to be flushed. See the maintenance section for instructions on flushing the vacuum pump.

How to control vacuum level:

The ideal vacuum level for milking cows is between 14 and 15 inches of vacuum. Goats are 12 inches of vacuum. To adjust level, loosen the nut on top of the regulator and turn the main body to adjust. Turn the body clockwise to increase and counter-clockwise to decrease vacuum level. Tighten the nut when the desired vacuum level is reached.

Oil Instructions:

Refill oil tank with a good grade of high detergent motor oil or vacuum pump oil. Oil level should be 1/2 or 3/4 in sight tube. Add when oil level drops to 1/4 in sight tube.

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