Powdered Teat Dip Cup

  • Concerned about teat dip causing your animals discomfort in the winter? Protect their teats from infection AND the cold with powdered teat dip! The powdered teat dip works great as a post dip to help combat and kill bacteria that might cause mastitis. Its special blend of moisturizing yet dry compounds make this a great dip for cold weather. 

    During the winter season and periods of cold weather the teat surface of dairy animals is subject to added exposure especially when liquid teat dips are employed after milking. The use of liquid teat dips in cold and windy conditions will cause chapping and freezing of the teat. For this reason a powdered product was developed which contained food grade ingredients and had both anti-bacterial and healing qualities.

    This plastic, teat dip cup is specially designed for use with either Winterset or Ecoset powdered teat dip.

  • Instructions for use: Dip as much of the surface of eat teat as possible immediately after milking. Thoroughly wash teats immediately prior to next milking.

    Click here for more info on these products, including a video that shows how to apply the powdered teat dip.


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