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Rebuilt/Used Chart Recorder - Future Design DR5000

Get a high-quality chart recorder for a low price! We have replaced the probe, checked, and tested these chart recorders to ensure they work like new. 

The Future Design DR5000 is a single-pen chart recorder used for tracking the temperature of the contents of your bulk tank. A recorder of this type is required by many states; check with your local dairy inspector to find out more details.


  • NEMA4-rated enclosure
  • Single-pen, counter-clockwise rotation
  • Charts are 7-day, 180°F to 30°F (the 30°F line is the outermost ring)
  • Encapsulated 100 ohm Class A DIN platinum RTD sensor
  • Box of charts (100 per box)

A Note About Installation:

While we have installed the probe into the chart recorder, you will be responsible for installing the chart recorder in your facility. Once it arrives at your facility, the chart recorder will need to be mounted, calibrated and the temperature sensor probe will need to be inserted under the outlet valve of the bulk tank. Directions will be provided and a service personnel will be available during normal business hours.

Feel free to call us if you have any specific questions about this chart recorder: 802-763-2777.



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