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Cheese Aging Racks - Stainless Steel

Made in electropolished #304 Stainless Steel, ripening and brining racks with legs. Stackable, 25 wire count, and available in a 4" or 5" heights

Start with a Ripening Rack Base. It is made of Heavy Weight Stainless Steel. This base will keep your first rack further off the ground, provides non-sliding feet. Stack racks on top of the base, you can mix and match heights and wire count racks from there.

These are special order products, you may experience a two-week lead time. Call 1-844-770-2777 for more information. 

Dimensions of Stackable Racks: Format Size 630 x 510 mm (25 inches x 20 inches) 

Usable Heights for Racks: 100m (4inches), 130mm (5inches)

Dimensions of Rack Base: 36.4" deep x 20" wide x 6.7" tall



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