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Bucket Milker for Two Sheep/Nigerian Dwarf Goat- Eco Cluster

  • Ideal for farmstead micro dairies, this bucket milking system for two sheep is simple to use and easy to maintain. This package comes with all the parts you need to milk a sheep. Just hook it up to your vacuum pump and you'll be ready to milk! Click here for warranty information.
  • This item features:

    • Made of 100% heavy gauge 304 stainless steel with reinforced base for long life.
    • Single formed pail, so there are no welds to break or leak.
    • Thick full edge reinforced mouth (not a rolled edge like most others).
    • Top grade polish inside and out.

    This item includes

    • Stainless steel 35lb or 55lb bucket (choose one from the drop-down menu)
    • Stainless steel lid with gasket
    • Interpuls pulsator (D#95 60/40)
    • All milk & vacuum hoses
    • 2 milking clusters with auto valve claws and silicone liners

    All parts also sold separately.

  • Watch a VIDEO of a bucket milker in action
    goat bucket milker video


    Read about how to use a bucket milker in Mother Earth News.



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