Silicone Hose 5/8"

Please note: The prices represent the price PER FOOT. In your cart, you may change the item's quantity to reflect the number of feet of hosing you require.

This 5/8" Silicone milk hose is an excellent choice for both bucket milkers and pipelines. 

Though it is more expensive than our other hose options,  it lasts up to three time longer.  Plus, it's much much more flexible, making it easier to attach onto claws and buckets without the use of lubricants or hot water. Which means less struggling for you, the farmer!

A testimonial from Steve Judge, president of Bob-White Systems:

"This spring I milked one of my cows with a bucket milker for the first time since the mid 1980s.  I used silicone milk hose with the bucket and was very surprised at how easy it was to use and clean. I'll never go back to the standard clear plastic milk hose again either with a bucket or with my pipeline."

Important Note: 100' and 50' rolls are not available for pick-up at the Royalton, Vermont store. These products are ship only.