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Special Order Transport Tank Sizes

Dimensions & Specs

We have several Transport Tank sizes now available for special order! Transport Tanks can also be outfitted with an Agitator paddle.

Transport Tanks now come standard with covers over the valve & manhole for added security & sanitation during transit. Some sizes are only available for direct shipping from the manufacturer.

We know it's nearly impossible to find a transport tank these days. This insulated stainless steel transport tank is designed by Milkplan and ensures a safe, clean, and reliable method of transporting your milk from one location to another. These tanks guarantee stable temperatures for long periods of time. You may also choose to purchase the CIP tank washer to go with the transport tank.

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TT1000E: 1,050 liters(275 gallons) single compartment

TT1000E-2: 1,050 liters(275 gallons) double compartment

TT1500E: 1,580 liters(415 gallons) single compartment

TT1500E-2: 1,580 liters(415 gallons) double compartment

TT2000E: 2,100 liters(550 gallons) single compartment

TT2000E-2: 2,100 liters(550 gallons) double compartment

TT2500E-2: 2600 liters(685 gallons) double compartment

TT3000E-2: 3160 liters(830 gallons) double compartment

TT3000E-3: 3160 liters(830 gallons) triple compartment

TT4000E-3: 4180 liters(1100 gallons) triple compartment


Milkplan Transport Tank Dimensions



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