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Surge Belly Milkers & Lids

Yes! We have Surge Belly Milkers!

The name "surge" comes from the natural surging action as the milker moves back and forth during milking. The movement is similar to the tug and pull of a calf. These milkers are prized for their easy cleaning- only four pieces of rubber to wash!

With solid Stainless Steel construction and few rubber parts, these milkers are built to last! These buckets and lids are not being manufactured new anymore. We carry what used/vintage stock we can get out hands on. This sometimes means a missing tab or lid handle. 

The lids come in two types: C-type and S-type.

PLEASE NOTE: Neither the lid nor full assembly come with the necessary check valve or gaskets included. Please purchase them separately.

You can purchase the milker with the lid or all the items separately in the drop-down menu.

See this guide on using your Surge Belly Milker!

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