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Surge Belly Milker Package - Cow

Yes! We have Surge Belly Milkers!

The name "surge" comes from the natural surging action as the milker moves back and forth during milking. The movement is similar to the tug and pull of a calf. These milkers are prized for their easy cleaning- only four pieces of rubber to wash!

This is a NEAR complete Surge Belly Milker. All it needs is Inflations, Shells, Air Tubes and a Vacuum Hose. 


  • Surge Bucket (with tab still intact!)
  • Surge C-type Lid complete with gasket and check valve
  • Pulsator Adapter
  • 4-port Pulsator

You may choose to buy this Surge Belly Milker in a Complete Package. Choose the type and condition of the shell from the drop down menu. We will pack it up with the shells, related inflation, air tubes and a 9ft vacuum hose. 




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