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Essential Goat Milking System - Milk 1 Goat at a Time

    • Everything you need to milk your goats! This all-inclusive equipment package includes all the necessary parts for a fast, efficient, and affordable milking system. Products have been selectively paired to meet your needs. Includes a Cleaning Package and an Udder Care Package. These packages are not only a great deal, they're also great for those just starting out with dairy goats. This package comes with a 1-year warranty. Click here to view warranty. Click here to view the bucket milker manual.
    • How many goats will you have to milk at peak milking season? How many goats would you like to milk at once? The Essential Goat Milking System is designed for milking one goat at a time. If you are looking to milk more than one goat at once, please see our Complete Goat Milking System.


    • This complete goat milking system includes:
      • Bucket of your choice: 35lb stainless steel bucket, 55lb stainless steel bucket, Plastic bucket (not FDA-approved or covered by the warranty above), or plastic ECO bucket (FDA-approved)
      • Bucket Lid plus hoses and pulsator. Check out our Claw Comparison Guide to help choose between the ITP 207, Eco, and NuPulse clusters.
      • 3/4 HP Vacuum Pump
      • In-Line Filter with sock filters
      • Equipment Cleaning Package (Includes 10 lb dairy equipment cleaner, long equipment brush, inflation bore brush, 5/8 milk hose cleaning kit, and a lightweight 13qt stainless steel pail.)
      • Udder Care Package (Includes: 1 gallon Iodine teat dip, Teat Wipes, Aluminum Strip Cup, and Teat Dip Cup) *as of 12/12/16 we are substituting the Plastic Strip Cup for the Aluminum Strip Cup

      • This package generally ships in 3-4 packages. Some of the items in this package may ship freight. The shipping quote you see reflects a flat rate to any customer across the U.S. and Canada. For a personalized shipping quote call for details: 802-763-2777 or toll-free 1-844-770-2777. You may also email us at

    Read about how to use a bucket milker here!                      



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