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Essential Sheep/Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milking System - Milk 1 Sheep/Goat at a Time

Dimensions & Specs
    • Everything you need to milk your sheep! This all-inclusive equipment package includes all the necessary parts for a fast, efficient, and affordable milking system. Products have been selectively paired to meet your needs. Includes a Cleaning Package and an Udder Care Package. These packages are not only a great deal, they're also great for those just starting out with dairy sheep/goats. This package comes with a 1-year warranty. Click here to view warranty. Click here to view the bucket milker manual.
    • How many sheep/goats will you have to milk at peak milking season? How many sheep/goats would you like to milk at once? The Essential Sheep/Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milking System is designed for milking one animal at a time. If you are looking to milk more than one sheep at once, please see our Complete Sheep/Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milking System.


    • This complete goat milking system includes:
      • Bucket of your choice: 35lb stainless steel bucket, 55lb stainless steel bucket, Plastic bucket (not FDA-approved or covered by the warranty above), or plastic ECO bucket (FDA-approved)
      • Bucket Lid plus hoses and pulsator. Check out our Claw Comparison Guide to help choose between the ITP 207 and Eco clusters.
      • 3/4 HP Vacuum Pump
      • In-Line Filter with sock filters
      • Equipment Cleaning Package (Includes 10 lb dairy equipment cleaner, long equipment brush, inflation bore brush, 5/8 milk hose cleaning kit, and a lightweight 13qt stainless steel pail.)
      • Udder Care Package (Includes: 1 gallon Iodine teat dip, Teat Wipes, Aluminum Strip Cup, and Teat Dip Cup)

      • This package generally ships in 3-4 packages. Some of the items in this package may ship freight. The shipping quote you see reflects a flat rate to any customer across the U.S. and Canada. For a personalized shipping quote call for details: 802-763-2777 or toll-free 1-844-770-2777. You may also email us at

    Read about how to use a bucket milker here!                      



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