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Stationary Condé Vacuum Pump - 2 HP

The Condé Vacuum Systems is designed to be permanently installed for cow, goat, and sheep multiple milking stations.  Meant for a vacuum line, for up to three bucket milkers.

Additional Features:

  • 23 CFM @ 15'' HG
  • Electrical requirements: 230 volt 10 amp
  • Milk up to 6 goats or 3 cows simultaneously.
  • Compact design with built-in balance tank.
  • Vacuum controller and vacuum gauge. 
  • Rubber feet minimize vibration and allow the unit to be remotely located so there is no noise in the milking area. 
  • Requires electrical hook-up and extension for exhaust/muffler. 

Recommendations for setting up your vacuum pump system:

The vacuum unit should be stationed in a clean, dry,  and convenient area. Run a vacuum line from the 2.0" connection on the tank through the area where animals are milked. The vacuum line should be 1.5" or larger (3'' is recommended). Install stall cocks on vacuum line where bucket milkers will be operating. Automatic drain valves should be used at all low points or where risers are used on a vacuum line. Use pipe tees with a plug in one opening instead of using elbows in the furthest corners. This allows for better access for cleaning and checking air flow.

Where vacuum pump is located install the exhaust to the outside of the building. Then add oil to the reservoir on top of the pump and wire the motor.

Oil Instructions:

Refill oil tank with a good grade of high detergent motor oil or vacuum pump oil. Oil level should be 1/2 or 3/4 in sight tube. Add when oil level drops to 1/4 in sight tube (see photo for recommended oil fill level).

Will you need assistance upon delivery? If you do not have a way to safely remove the pump from the freight truck, select W/ Liftgate 

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PLEASE NOTE: These pumps often require 2 week build time. Not available for In-Store Pickup. Call 1-844-770-2777 or email,, for a shipping quote.


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