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Vat Pasteurizer/Cheese Vat - Open Top

Your search is over! This vat is the ideal piece of equipment for every small cheesemaker. With it's split top removable cover, you can pasteurize your milk then remove the cover and immediately begin making cheese directly in the vat. No time wasted pumping or cooling! See the sizes available in the drop-down bar above.

Optional added PMO Accessory Package Includes the Anderson Chart Recorder, Product & Airspace Thermometers, Electric Airspace Heater & Controller, & Leak Detection Valve - if you would like this package included in your order select "Yes" under the PMO Accessories Package dropdown.

Per PMO requirements, the minimum fill for all sizes of Vat Pasteurization systems is 20% of their total capacity. *Custom sizes available. Call or email for pricing. 

Printable Specs & Features Sheet

Installation Manual

    • Leeson Motor Gear w/ Controller
    • Removable Agitator
    • Adjustable Ball Feet
    • 2” Valve Outlet
    • Multiple Ports
    • (2) CIP Spray Balls
    • Removable Split Cover
    • Sloped to Outlet
    • 304 stainless steel
    • 2” polyurethane insulation
    • Heat with steam, water, or glycol
    • 3-A Certified
    • One-year limited warranty
    • Dimple plate jacket
    • Single phase, 90 Volt, 220 Volt
  • You can choose from a variety of options for your agitator paddle at no extra charge! You can also specify agitator speed/rpm's to meet your needs. See the paddle options below:
      • Standard Blade Agitation- The most popular blade. It allows fluid such as milk or cream to get proper agitation. 
      • Full Sweep Agitation- This agitator uses stainless steel blades on the side and bottom to move the product off the interior walls without actually touching them. This is helpful if you are experiencing burn-on.
      • Curd Blade Agitation- The holes in this agitator are ideal for cheesemaking. The paddle is much gentler on curds, making for better cheese!

    As a combo tank, these vats are easily converted for cheesemaking after pasteurization! Get the accessories you need to streamline your operation:

      • Whey Screen: Separate your curds from your whey with this wonderful whey screen attachment!
      • Curd Knife: Eliminate the guesswork and cut your curd to the exact same size every time with our curd knife attachment! With 1/2 vertical and 1/2 horizontal blades, this knife attachment will cube your curd in just a few turns. Custom sizing available.
  • This item ships freight. We take care to crate all of our tanks carefully and charge no crating or handling fees. We cover insurance on all of our shipments.

    Please call or email for a quote:

    • Toll Free: 844-770-2777
    • Email:


PLEASE NOTE: This item often requires 3 month build time. Not available for In-Store Pick-Up.

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