Westfalia Style 300 Claw

One of the lightest claws available, weighing in at only 17 ounces, the Westfalia style 300 Claw has a high capacity and pairs well with many of our cow bucket milkers.

Additional features:

  • 300cc capacity. 
  • The 22 degree angle of the milk outlet ensures rapid milk removal at high flow rates. 
  • Well-balanced and designed to fit the udder with an even weight distribution. 
  • Comes with a standard SIDE X SIDE Air Fork. A FRONT to REAR Air Fork, or a Stainless Air Fork are also available for an additional $10.00.

This claw is 100% guaranteed to interchange with the original Westfalia claw.

PLEASE NOTE: This claw does not come with inflations, shells or air tubes.


Not sure which claw to purchase, click HERE for a comparison of the three brands offered.